Great interest in handicraft festival held in Saidsadiq

There is a great interest in the handicraft festival being held in Saidsadiq district of Sulaymaniyah. Women displaying their products at the festival aim to promote their products.


Shahrizor- Festivals are annually held in the Kurdish Region at the beginning of spring. At the festivals, people display Kurdish dishes, traditional clothes and handicraft products.  Yesterday, a two-day festival kicked off in Saidsadiq, district of Sulaymaniyah. Women displaying their handicraft products aim to promote their products and find new buyers.

‘I love cooking’

Eyşê Behadîn has displayed Kurdish dishes at the festival. “I participate in all festivals. I love cooking Kurdish dishes. I have been a cook for five years. In addition to participating in festivals, I also sell Kurdish dishes online. People love Kurdish dishes,” she told NuJINHA.

She sews Kurdish traditional clothes

Eylun Mehmûd is from Halabja. She came from Halabja to Saidsadiq to display Kurdish traditional clothes sewn by her. Speaking about her Kurdish traditional clothes, she said, “Festivals give me opportunities to sell my products. I also sell my products online. I participate in all festivals in Halabja and other parts of the Kurdistan Region to promote my products.”

Suzan Şeban is also from Halabja. She decided to participate in the festival to display the Kurdish traditional clothes produced by her. She has been sewing Kurdish traditional clothes since 2010. She told us that she has participated in many festivals in Kurdistan to promote her products.