Young people in Kobanê declare mobilization against attacks

Young people of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Kobanê declare mobilization against the Turkish attacks.

Kobanê - Dozens of young people marched in Kobanê to protest the Turkish attacks in the region. The mass marched from the Free Women’s Square to Martyr Egid Square.

Before the march, Wedhê Hemzê read a statement on behalf of the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Pointing out that Turkey has been attacking and killing Kurds for years by making various excuses, Wedhê Hemzê said, “The Turkish state has been attacking the free mountains and the Kurdish people with the support of the Barzani family. “

A great resistance

Indicating the use of chemical weapons by Turkey in the attacks, the statement emphasizes that the people struggle against the attacks with the spirit of mobilization by showing a great resistance. Pointing out that the attacks against Shengal and North and East Syria have been intensifying, the statement says, “The attacks on North and East Syria are related to the attacks against the guerrillas. As young people of the PYD, we will stand with the resistance of the guerrillas.”

“We could not remain silent”

After the statement, the NuJINHA team spoke to Şilan Miso, a young woman member of the PYD. “Surely, we could not remain silent against the non-stop attacks on our lands. As young people, we declare mobilization against the attacks. We declare mobilization against not only the attacks on Southern Kurdistan but also to protect our land, identity, existence and culture.”