Mother, her four children injured by Turkish warplanes

Naima El-Mudehi and her four children were targeted and injured by the Turkish warplanes.

Raqqa - On May 17, the Turkish warplanes targeted a family in the Qertaq Hamlet near Raqqa’s Ayn Issa town. A woman and her four children were injured in the attack. Naima El-Mudehi and her four children were taken to the Weteni Hospital in the city of Raqqa. NuJINHA team spoke to Naima El-Mudehi about the attack.

“We left the tent when we heard the sound of the falling bombs”

Naima Al-Mudehi described the moments when Turkish warplanes targeted her and her four children, one of them has been seriously injured, as follows:

“We were in our tent in Qertaq village. We left our tent when we heard the sound of the falling bombs and fled to the desert. But a shell hit us while we were fleeing to the desert. The people in the region took us to the Til El-Simin village of Raqqa and then we were taken to the hospital in Raqqa by ambulance.”

“We almost lost our lives”

Naima Al-Mudehi’s children named Ketale Elî El-Hemûd (6), Menhel Elî El-Hemûd (9), Ezra Elî El-Hemûd (10), and Hayîl Elî El-Hemûd (12) are still treated at the hospital. “Hayîl Elî El-Hemûd has been seriously injured. He underwent surgery. The doctors told us that his health is currently good,” Naima Al-Mudehi told us.

Stating that the attack against them is a crime against humanity, Naima Al-Mudehi said, “We are innocent civilians, why did they target us? We almost lost our lives.”

Naima Al-Mudehi and her children were targeted near one of Russia's largest military bases. While the Turkish army’s operation in the region continues, Russia and the international community continue to remain silent.