From women of Shengal to Iraqi government: Know your limits

The mothers in Shengal condemn the attacks of the Iraqi government and KDP; “The people they call “terrorists” are our children. They should know their limits.”

Shengal (Sinjar) - The mothers, members of the Yazidi Free Women's Movement (TAJÊ), gathered in the town of Sinun located north of the Shengal Mount to protest the attacks of the Iraqi government and the KDP on Shengal.

Kinê Xidir made a speech on behalf of the mothers and condemned the attacks of the Iraqi government against the Yazidi community. “The Iraqi army and KDP forces have been attacking the people of Shengal from all directions. They don’t want the Yazidi community to organize and defend themselves. The aim of the attacks is to break the will of the people. The Iraqi government tries to make decisions about our community with the support of the KDP. This time, they target our forces and commanders. They say our forces and commanders are ‘terrorists’. The Iraqi army should first prosecute the members of ISIS members inside them. We know that they brought ISIS to the region. There are still ISIS members in Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Zaxo and Erbil. They use ISIS to attack the oppressed peoples. The Iraqi government should recognize the Yazidi people. The people they call ‘terrorists’ are our children. The terrorists are the Barzani family and the Kazimi government. If they stay away from Shengal, Shengal will be a safer and peaceful place.”

“They should know their limits”

Stating that warplanes attack them and kill their children, Kinê Xidir said, “They signed an agreement about the fate of Shengal. They have been trying to cause conflict and turmoil in Shengal every day since they signed the agreement. They filled the villages with their supporters not for our safety but to destroy our security forces. As the Yazidi community, we know who we are. We will do everything to build an Autonomous Shengal. We demand our fundamental rights that are ensured in Iraqi law. As the mothers and women of Shengal, we will always stand with our children. We will never bow to the attacks. Our community never wants war but if they try to annihilate us, we will fight to the end.”