“Forcing Aysel Tuğluk to defend herself is a crime against humanity”

“Forcing Aysel Tuğluk to defend herself is a crime against humanity,” said the statement released by the 1000 Women for Freedom to Aysel Tuğluk.

News Center- During the last hearing of the Kobani trial, jailed Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk was forced to defend herself although she has suffered from dementia. 1000 Women for Freedom to Aysel Tuğluk, a campaign group demanding the release of Aysel Tuğluk, has released a statement condemning the incident.

During the hearing, Aysel Tuğluk said, “I have a special situation. I cannot express myself because I am sick. Due to my disease, I will defend myself later.”

“We do not accept”

The statement released by the campaign group is as follows:

“Holding dementia patient Aysel Tuğluk in prison, every practice deteriorating her health condition, every action causing irreversible damages on her health is a crime against humanity. Forcing her to attend the hearing is also a crime. All administrative and judicial authorities, particularly the Ministry of Justice, are responsible for not doing what is necessary, for watching the decisions deteriorating her health condition while Tuğluk's health condition is known. We do not accept that the Bar Associations, whose main duty is to ensure and supervise the protection of human rights, remain silent about sick prisoners and deaths in prisons.”

“Freedom for Aysel Tuğluk”

In the statement, the campaign group called for the immediate release of Aysel Tuğluk and said, “As more than 6,000 women from 56 countries, we demand the freedom for Aysel Tuğluk and all sick prisoners once again.”