Floods kill three in Kurdish cities

Heavy rain caused flash flooding in Kurdish cities last night. In Êlih (Batman), a mother and her son died after their adobe house collapsed due to the flood, two children are still missing.

News Center- Heavy rain caused flash flooding in many Kurdish cities last night. An adobe house collapsed in the Seyitler neighborhood of Êlih (Batman) due to flood; Lalihan Güner (54) and her 5-year-old son İsrafil Güner died. Two children were trapped under the 1.5 meter high mud. The Rescue and search efforts for two children continue.

All public schools in the city are closed today due to heavy rain and flooding.

A person died in Amed

According to the received reports, a person named Behçet Avcı (51) was seriously injured after falling down in the Hani district of Amed (Diyarbakır). He was taken to the Hani State Hospital; however, he died at the hospital.

29 people injured in Riha and Çewlig (Bingöl)

Two cars collided on the Sêwreg (Siverek)-Semsûr (Adıyaman) highway in Rîha last night due to heavy rain. The drivers and seven people were injured. According to local reports, the injured people are not in critical condition and they have been receiving treatment at the Siverek State Hospital.

Two buses overturn

A bus overturned near the village of Boncukgöze located near the Kanîreş (Karlıova)-Erzirom (Erzurum) highway due to a snowstorm. 15 injured people were taken to Bingöl State Hospital. Seven people were injured after another bus overturned on the same highway due to a snowstorm. They were also taken to Bingöl State Hospital.

Container overturns in Siirt

Strong winds caused a container to overturn in the Kurtalan district of Siirt. Two workers were injured and they were taken to Kurtalan State Hospital.