Community Media Center ends its training on online safety for media workers, lawyers

The participants in the training course organized by the Community Media Center in the Gaza Strip said that they learned ways to prevent and protect themselves against online attacks, threats.

Gaza - The Community Media Center and the CCFD Foundation ended their training course on social media privacy and online safety on June 26. The training course aimed to combat gender-based online abuse in the Gaza Strip.

Aims of the 25-hour training course

Fadwa Abdullah, the coordinator of the Online Safety Project, stated that the program aims to prevent gender-based online violence against young people in the Gaza Strip by raising awareness against the online dangers, all types of cybercrimes. The goal of the 25-hour training course was to provide necessary information to the participants about social networking sites and search engines, their origins, and how they operate.

Participants learned how to protect themselves

Lawyer Hadeel Hammouda and journalist Shaima Abu Shamala were two women participating in the training course. They told NuJINHA that the training course taught them how to protect themselves from online attacks, harassment and threats. The program, according to the participants, increased their knowledge and expertise in online safety. The director of the center, Andaleeb Adwan spoke to NuJINHA about the training course and said, “Our Palestinian society is still in urgent need of intensive training on online safety.”

Sultan Nasser, a teacher of the training course, and Fadwa Abdullah, the project's coordinator, commented on the presentations of the participants using the specific criteria they had learned throughout the training. The center aims to form a team consisting of the participants in the training course in order to launch an awareness-raising about online safety.