Şenyaşar family: Divine justice always tells the truth

The Şenyaşar family has demanded justice once again on the 725th day of their sit-in protest. “Divine justice always tells the truth,” said the social media post of the family.

Riha - The sit-in protest held in front of the Urfa Courthouse by Emine Şenyaşar, whose husband and two sons were murdered in the attack carried out by the relatives and bodyguards of AKP Urfa MP İbrahim Halil Yıldız in the Suruç (Kurdish: Pirsûs) district of Urfa province on June 14, 2018, and her son Ferit Şenyaşar has entered its 725th day.

 Emine Şenyaşar and Ferit Şenyaşar came in front of the courthouse in the morning to hold their sit-in protest by unfurling a banner reading, “Justice for the Şenyaşar Family”. Making a speech in front of the courthouse, Ferit Şenyaşar said, “Everyone knows that our cause is the right cause. The prosecutor and governor of the state also know we are right. Although the perpetrator of the massacre is a MP of the ruling party, other MPs of the party do not accept the massacre, oppression and unlawful practices against us. However, the President still protects this MP and the judicial system becomes ineffective because this MP hides behind the President.” Ferit Şenyaşar also said that they would continue to hold their protest until their demands were met.

 ‘Divine justice always tells the truth’

“We will not allow the crime against humanity committed at the State Hospital to be forgotten. Every day we are stronger and more determined. The justice of the ruling party does not always tell the truth but divine justice always tells the truth. The sit-in protest for justice continues on its 725th day,” said the social media post of the Şenyaşar family.