Şam Qiryo: Their aim is to change the demographic structure in Serêkaniyê

Şam Qiryo, the head of the Syriac Women's Union in Syria, stated that the operation launched into Serêkaniyê is planned and carried out by the great powers, “Their aim is to change the demographic structure and weaken the autonomous administration project.”

Women looking for their disappeared loved ones in Syria

Eyşe Mihemed looks for her husband abducted by ISIS, Cemile Murad Eli looks for her son and Şamira Xelil looks for her husband Omer Biro… They are still hopeful about finding their loved ones. They react to the ongoing silence of the international community.

Destroyed historical places of Idlib become living spaces for displaced people

Many historical places of Syria were destroyed by ISIS or other armed groups. Destroyed historical places of Idlib become living spaces for forcibly displaced people. The displaced people have to live in historical places due to poverty and hard living conditions.

Women of Sur speak out against harassment: We don’t feel safe

In Amed’s Sur district, two men harassed women in the last week and they were exposed by the inhabitants of the district. “We don’t feel safe in our neighborhoods,” the women of the district said and demanded a definitive solution for the harassment incidents in their district.

Fadima Mihemed who lost her husband, two sons: “This war should end”

Fadima Mihemed lives in the village of Um El-Xêr. Her husband and two sons were killed in the attacks on the village. “Every hour is like a year,” she said. “We want to live in peace in our village. This war should end in order that all displaced people return to their homes. Invaders should ...

Families of people abducted by ISIS: We want to know if they are alive or not

Committee of Prisoners' Families is an organization founded in Manbij and Kobanî by families of those who were “detained” by ISIS to find out whether their children are alive or not. The families have looked for their children abducted by ISIS since ISIS took the control of Manbij in 2014.

She tells tales that she listens to from her parents

Zin Mihemed Mustafa is 108 years old now and she grew up listening to tales from her parents. Children gather around her to listen to tales from her now. She calls on parents to “Preserve your culture.”

Sena Xidir appeals to Yazidis: Return to your homeland

Sena Xidir returned to Shengal a year after the ISIS attacks. She appealed to Yazidis, who were forcibly displaced from Shengal, “Return to your homeland, if we unite, we can protect ourselves.”

Social media campaign against femicides in Yemen: Change the laws

A group of human rights activists has launched a social media campaign against femicides after the murder of Shorouk Ahmed Manea in the city Sana’a of Yemen under the name of “honor”. Human Rights Observatory Foundation president Anis El-Shareq demands that the laws in Yemen should be changed ...

First chairwoman of Yemeni Women's Union dies: “She was a great fighter”

Aisha Mohsen Al-Khaili, the first chairwoman of the Yemeni Women's Union, died in Sheffield, England yesterday. Yemeni feminists and women’s rights activists have been left devastated by her death. “She worked to empower women throughout her life. She was a great fighter,” said Amna Mohsen, ...