Mother whose two sons drifted into drugs: The state is responsible

In Urfa, the age of drug use has decreased to 11. Aysel Özkan, whose two sons drifted into drugs, pointed out that her children told in court from whom they bought the drugs, but no legal action has been taken against the drug dealers. “The state is responsible for the spread of drug use,” she ...

Difficult lives of child workers in Idlib

Children who collect the detritus of war or work in warehouses, where detritus are stored, have burdens heavier than their own bodies.

UPWC fights all forms of violence against Palestinian women

The Union of Palestinian Women's Committees (UPWC) has conducted many projects for women and children in Palestine. Tagreed Jummah, the director of the UPWC, told us that their aim is to build a democratic society without violence and discrimination.

ADWAR provides economic, social, political support to Palestinian women

Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR) has developed projects to provide economic, social, and political support for women since its foundation. The association will develop many projects for women in 2022.

Women prefer village life to city life

Women living in the village of Girkê Selma think that village life is more natural and better than city life. “We prefer village life to city life,” they say.

Domestic violence causes deaths of children in Syria

Violence against children and domestic violence are on the rise in northern Syria. The main reasons for this increase are poverty and unemployment.

Women municipal police in Manbij

Even though women municipal police of the People's Municipality of Manbij are criticized by society claiming that “this job is a men’s job”, they keep working for the people. While the problems faced by women have been decreasing in the city with the efforts of women municipal police, the ...

They take shelter in destroyed school with their animals

Zehra Mihemed Elo has been trying to hold on to life in a school destroyed during attacks on the Til Nesri village of Til Temir with her four children. She told us they had to live in the destroyed school, “We want to return to our village.”

Syrian Free Women's Foundation keeps working for 7 years

Syrian Free Women's Foundation has taken important steps for women in every part of life, from health to economy, since its foundation. Ruken Xiso, the director of the foundation, said that they will develop more projects in 2022 to provide both moral and material support for women.

People die during migration journeys with hope for better life

In the Federal Kurdistan Region, the number of people seeking to live elsewhere has been increasing due to the worsening of living conditions. Many people have lost their lives during migration journeys with the hope for a better life.